How is 1st A-1st V, Inc funded?

  • Private Foundations
  • Publicly-funded Grants & Underwriting
  • Corporate & Individual Contributions
  • NYS BOCES Co-Ser Program Eligibility
  • In-kind Donations

What’s the demographic comprising an annual cohort?

  • Total Students: 150 maximum
  • New York State regions served: CNY, WNY, Rochester-area, Southern Tier, Syracuse City, and Capital District
  • Priority: 10th & 11th graders representing a diverse student population

How many students can participate?

  • 30 students per region

What does the program cost per student?

  • Approximately $500 per school year

Is there a cost to school districts for participation?

YES, school districts participate in a cost-share:

  • 50% of program cost/student covered by 1st Amendment-1st Vote, Inc
  • Districts may participate via a BOCES CoSer program;  cost gap covered by 1st A-1st V, Inc
  • Student transportation to/from program venues
  • Staff substitute for chaperone release time, if needed
  • NO COST to participating students and their families

How are students recruited for program participation?

  • High schools recruit and select participants.
  • 1st A-1st V requires a diverse group of students who:

– demonstrate leadership, in some way.

– demonstrate positive, personal characteristics that are representative of her high school.

What are the required sessions for students and chaperones?

  • 30 minute in-school orientation meeting with program facilitator (prior to Seminar)
  • Full-day instructional SEMINAR (off-site)
  • FIELD TRIP: historic Seneca Falls, Birthplace of Women’s Rights in America (optional)
  • Two-day LEADERSHIP ACTION SUMMIT (overnight stay at hotel venue)

Does student participation require time away from school?

  • YES, including one overnight stay. See above for expected attendance.

Does the program align with NYS Standards/Themes?

  • NYS Social Studies Standards address: Foundations of American Democracy; Civil Rights and Civil Liberties; Rights, Responsibilities and Duties of Citizenship; Political and Civic Participation; and, Public Policy….all of which are built into 1st Amendment-1st Vote’s program content. Program content is presented via the instructional SEMINAR, FIELD TRIP visit to Historic Seneca Falls, and Leadership ACTION Summit where students finalize and present their school-level ACTION PLAN for REAL CHANGE in their home schools; and, engage in a simulation addressing strategic campaign roles for a local elected office including the “candidate’s” 3-minute stump speech focusing on a local environmental or civic rights “hot button” issue.

Are there follow-up opportunities for participants?

YES…opportunities may vary from year-to-year, such as:

  • Serve on 1st Amendment-1 st Vote, Inc Board of Directors as its student representative
  • Serve on 1st Amendment-1 st Vote’s STUDENT VOICES TEAM
  • Serve a volunteer internship at Women’s Rights National Historical Park or Erie County Commission on the Status of Women, or other related affiliation
  • Recruit one classmate for following year’s program…and/or serve as a program presenter
  • Volunteer in her community on a Presidential, Congressional or state/local candidate’s campaign
  • Program Ambassador

What is your plan for sustainability?

Download or view our Strategic Action Plan 2021-2027 HERE